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355 Iowa Ave, Downtown Iowa City

Swaim Youth Center

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The Swaim Youth Center offers youth an intentional place to build relationships with positive adults and their peers. While hanging out at the Youth Center, junior high and high school students can choose to watch a movie, play video games, create art, record music, or connect with their peers. UAY staff are trained in Positive Youth Development, which allows them to build meaningful relationships with young people.

Questions? Contact Kylie

DJ Mixer B&W


  • Music Lessons

  • Recording Studio

Wet Paintbrushes


  • After School (in school)

  • Workshops

  • Drop in

Group Students Smilling


  • GIRLS Group

  • LGBTQ+ Group

  • Writing Group


Free recording studio for Junior High and High School aged youth. 

For studio bookings you can book directly through Calendly and for lessons contact Kylie.

Free and open to all area Junior High and High School aged students. Students have access to free guitar, drums, bass, vocal and keyboard lessons, as well as a free professional digital recording studio. UAY also offers live performances!




Provides an opportunity for small group workshops, individual instruction, and open studio time. Offers a variety of media including silk screen printing, ceramics, fiber arts, drawing, painting, book binding, sculpture, jewelry making, and independent projects. Learn a new technique or develop your artwork even further. Meet new people that are interested in the same things as you.

o   Youth Center Art Workshops: Fridays 4:30-6:00pm


  • LGBTQIAA Youth Support Group: UAY Youth Center, Tuesday 6:00-8:00pm

    • Groups will provide a safe and supportive environment to empower youth with knowledge that specifically pertains to them 

    • Educational component covering such topics as coming out, gender identity, bullying, healthy relationships, sexual health education, improving school climate, and coping with anxiety and stress.

    • Opportunities for youth to participate in community engagement.

Questions?  Contact Jamie.

Art when you want it,

Help when you need it

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