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Crisis, Advocacy, &
Mediation Program


UAY's Crisis, Advocacy and Mediation Program (CAAMP) provides advocacy and culturally informed crisis intervention and support for young people and their families. UAY staff are able to show up for young people at school or out in the community, providing the support they need to work through difficult situations and experiences. Advocates work with a whole range of young people with diverse experiences including youth victims of crime, youth at risk for entering the juvenile justice system, and youth experiencing conflict with peers or family members. CAAMP offers restorative intervention services, mediations, and other supports as needed.

Eligibility: Youth 13-18 yrs in Johnson County

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Our Team


Arianna Aron

I am an Iowa City native, and the mother of two boys. I love all things nature, and exploring new places. I love to laugh, and navigate challenging situations. My biggest goal in life, is to provide my children with a safe and loving environment. While growing generational wealth, and ending generational trauma. I use this same lens, in the work I do with youth and families. I enjoy facilitating youth focused groups, on various topics. Teaching and practicing mindfulness, and restorative practices. As well as connecting youth and families. To resources, and opportunities that could change their lives in even the smallest way. My drive is not only my children, but the children of those in this community as well. 

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Brittany Bigley

I'm Brittany, an Iowa City native, mother of a wild spirited son, and an avid plant collector. In my role at UAY I walk alongside and advocate for the young people in our communities as well as their families to help them to succeed and find their way through this season of their lives in a way that feels empowering- like they have the autonomy and are in the driver's seat. The youth have the courage, determination and the strength, they simply need the resources and support, which is our job here at UAY. With that last piece of the puzzle the sky is the limit for them.

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