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PrideCon 2023

For the past 8 years, UAY has hosted an annual PrideCon celebration for LGBTQ+ youth. PrideCon is a day-long event for over 100 young people from all over Eastern Iowa who identify as LGBTQ+. It is a life-altering event where we create community, learn about identity, share our talents, and provide opportunities for young people to CREATE, GROW & SUCCEED. 


Support LGBTQ+ Youth

"We will outwardly, loudly, and unapologetically celebrate and experience queer joy and continue to demand we have the rights and freedoms to exist and thrive."

-Talia Meidlinger, UAY Executive Director 

We invite the community to join UAY in our commitment to offering free gender affirming spaces and supportive programming for LGBTQ+ youth.  With your help, UAY will continue to offer weekly Pride Clubs at the Swaim Youth Center and in local schools, a statewide virtual GSA, and PrideCon, an annual summit for LGBTQ+ youth . Thank you for celebrating young people with UAY and reminding them that they are not alone!

Photos from previous PrideCon Events

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