UAY is 50 Years Young

We recognize that the challenges and issues local youth face today are both difficult and real. For 50 years, UAY has been supporting local youth and families through an effective blend of prevention and intervention programs. Our philosophy of Unconditional Positive Regard, (UPR), is integral to our way of forming trusting relationships between young people and adults. 


To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we are raising $1,000 for every year we have provided youth with a safe space to be their true selves. Established in 1970, this means we are raising $50,000 to invest in the next generation. (We did the math for you.) Your gift will allow UAY, and the young people we serve, to continue growing for years to come.


Thanks to a generous donation from the families of Kay and Mace Braverman and Natasha Wendt - Urban Acres Real Estate and Christoph Gorman, the first $10,000 of the UAY 50th Anniversary Campaign will be matched dollar for dollar. By making a gift today, your gift will be doubled and have twice the impact.


We look upon our 50th birthday with anticipation and hope that together we will have the will and resources to help our future generation CREATE, GROW and SUCCEED. Thank you for believing in our work. #uay50years

50th Anniversary T-shirts

The UAY 50th Anniversary t-shirt was designed by youth and UAY Art Staff under the supervision of Lauren Linahon, UAY's Arts Coordinator. The t-shirt design reflects both the continual growth of UAY as an organization and the individual growth of the young people who attend UAY programs.  Each youth artist contributed their own unique flower or creature to be placed on top of the tree.
Pattern_DarkBlue copy 2.jpg