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Thank you!

For 50 years, UAY has been supporting local youth and families through an effective blend of prevention and intervention programs. Our philosophy of Unconditional Positive Regard, (UPR), is integral to our way of forming trusting relationships between young people and adults. 


With the help of our generous community, we raised over $50,000 to invest in the well-being of our young people.  THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping UAY nurture the potential of all youth to CREATE, GROW & SUCCEED.  We could not do this important work without you.

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UAY 50th Anniversary T-shirts

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The UAY 50th Anniversary t-shirt was designed by youth and UAY Art Staff under the supervision of Lauren Linahon, UAY's Arts Coordinator. The t-shirt design reflects both the continual growth of UAY as an organization and the individual growth of the young people who attend UAY programs.  Each youth artist contributed their own unique flower or creature to be placed on top of the tree.  Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will support youth and families at UAY.  More colors are available when you click below. 
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