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Health Education at United Action for Youth (UAY) is an important component for reaching out to the community and serving youth.  Our Health Educator, Tristin Johnson, works with state and local agencies, teachers, youth, parents and community members to promote wellness within Johnson, Cedar and Iowa Counties.  As the local Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) grantee, UAY offers full evidence-based curricula and/or presentations on the topic of sexual health.


Katie Reasner, UAY health educator, was my guest speaker for 10 class periods at Tate High School this month. She covered sexual health, including STIs, birth control, and relationships. I found her to be very well prepared, responsible, open to discussion, and capable of rolling with teenage personalities and humor. She is a wonderful resource for teachers or groups who want accurate, current information presented in a organized and relaxed setting.

— Rhonda Halvorsen, December 2014

West High School Health Education has really been enhanced by having Katie Reasner, UAY’s Health Educator, come in and teach lessons to our classes. There is a wide variety of curriculum areas that UAY is willing to teach that are science-based and objective. I would highly recommend their services as an option to any school. Students always state that UAY’s lessons were beneficial and informative.

— Kathy Bresnahan, 2015

Adolescent Sexual Health Outcomes                            


Johnson County   

Iowa County



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 Evidence-Based Programming 

Our Health Educator can assist schools in teaching evidence-based curricula.  Each curriculum has been rigorously evaluated to show positive changes in teen sexual behaviors and is included on at least two of the lists of recommended evidence-based programs available to practitioners in the field of adolescent pregnancy prevention.

Explore CAPP approved curricula

Curriculum Audience Delivery
ALL4You! 9th-12th Alternative

10-13 Hours: 9 Sessions of 70-90 minutes,

+ 5 Service Learning

!Cuidate! 8th-12th Latino Youth 6 Hours: 6 Sessions of 60 minutes
Draw the Line 6th-8th 5-7 Hours: 7 Sessions of 45-60 minutes
Making Proud Choices 7th-8th 8 Hours: 8 Sessions of 60 minutes
Reducing the Risk 8th-12th 12 Hours: 16 sessions of 45 minutes
Safer Choices 9th – 10th 7-8 Hours: 10 Sessions of 45 minutes
Presentations Available

Our Health Educator custom-tailors each presentation to suit the needs of her audience.  In addition, she works with the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) to prepare members to participate and assist during relevant presentations.  Contact Tristin if you are interested in setting up a presentation for your classroom, parent organization, or the like.  Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Body Image
  • Circles of Sexuality
  • Consent & Sexual Coercion
  • Contraception & Abstinence
  • Gender Identity
  • Health Literacy
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Puberty
  • Reproductive Human Anatomy
  • Sexting
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections



Visit the UAY Health Education Website


UAY has access to a host of resources for parents interested in learning more about talking “tough topics” with their children.  Please contact Tristin with any questions or interest in accessing our library.  Online resources are also available:   

Talking with your teen

Talking with your younger child

Understanding your transgender child 

Resources for parents and “The Talk”






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