Youth Volunteers

Youth Advisory Panel (YAP):

The Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), consists of 10-20 Johnson County youth from 9th through 12th grade. As a group, YAP works to educate peers, parents and the community. While the primary focus of YAP is to reduce unintended teen pregnancies, YAP’rs focus their efforts on the larger goal of influencing their peers to become responsible young adults. This group addresses issues like sexuality, depression, healthy relationships, decision-making, body image and more. YAP accomplishes this through weekly meetings, outreach events, blog entries, coordination of a health education website, and more. Additionally, YAP’rs are trained to find credible and reliable answers for submitted questions through the UAY free text line (319-438-2829). Weekly meetings and programming run year-round, and future YAP’rs are encouraged to apply in the fall and spring! If YAP sounds like an exciting opportunity for you or you would like more information, contact Katie Field, Teen Health Educator at UAY!

UAY Photographer/Videographer:

This volunteer provides photo and video documentation of various UAY activities and special events throughout the year. Photos and videos are displayed on the UAY website as well as posters, flyers, presentational materials and the UAY annual report.

‘Street Team’ Advertising & Marketing:

This team of volunteers assists UAY with getting the word out about band shows, art workshops, rap battles and other special events that happen throughout the year. Street Team volunteers hang posters, create flyers, and post information about upcoming events on-line.


The Do-Crew:

The Do-Crew is a team of volunteers made up of youth and adults who sign up for special events or projects in order to help UAY and other community organizations. To find out more about the Do-Crew and upcoming volunteer projects, check out this month’s Do-Crew Calendar .

New: Online Youth Volunteer Application FOR the 2012-2013 Youth Advisory Panel (YAP).

  • Application Deadline: Friday November, 2nd by 4 pm
  • Application Instructions: Print, fill out, and send or take to,
Katie Field, UAY Health Educator
Youth Center
355 Iowa Ave
Iowa City, IA 52240

(319) 337-7518 ex. 608

For more information about any of these youth volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Coordinator: 358-9406 ext. 604.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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