UAY Activities for Your Teen

Hang Out at the Youth Center

Drop in at 355 Iowa Ave. during these hours:
    •  Thursday 2:00-7:oo
    • Friday 3:00-5:00
    • Saturday 12:00-5:00

Visual Arts at the Youth Center

    • The UAY Art Studio at 355 Iowa Ave. provides small group workshops, individual instruction, and open studio time.
    • Youth can explore a variety of media: silk screen printing, ceramics, fiber arts, drawing, painting, book binding, sculpture, jewelry making, and independent projects.
    • UAY is a great place to learn a new technique or develop your artwork even further. In addition to learning new skills, you can meet new people that are interested in the same things as you! (more info)

Music at the Youth Center

    • Write, Record, Produce!
    • Free guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, vocal and keyboard lessons.
    • Free, top-notch recording facilities at UAY’s Recording Studio, at 355 Iowa Ave.
    • Space available for live entertainment.
    • Call 358-9406 to set up studio time or lessons with Kylie or Stu. (more info)


  • Staff the office/welcoming center , providing tours and basic information about the youth center to individuals or community groups
  • Staff one of the peer helplines where youth can call to talk to other youth about family, social and/or personal issues
  • Participate as a youth voice representative in collaborative community planning meetings
  • Help plan special UAY events (more info)
  • Project Grow
    A collaborative effort of UAY, Iowa City’s Project Green, West High School’s Eco-Centric Club, and Volunteers from Southeast Junior High School, beautified the landscape around UAY’s buildings. (other community service projects)
  • Employment Training
    UAY, in partnership with Goodwill of the Heartland, offers a Youth Employment Training Program. This program trains teenagers age 15-18 years old for the world of work. Participants know that they need skills and experience to compete with college students in the job market. They spend 10 hours in the classroom to learn the skills they need to get and keep a job. Openings in the Youth Employment Training Program are limited. Call Charles Taylor at UAY 338-7518 ext. 230, or visit the Goodwill website.
A Safe Place

At a time when youth look to their friends to define themselves, UAY is a safe place where young people from all walks of life can be silly, thoughtful, outrageous, or sad. They can try new things, make friends, explore their talents, share their skills, and start defining the adult that each will become. They can partner with caring adults, who encourage, teach, and give honest feedback.

For Teenagers 12 – 18

United Action for Youth is a non-profit organization partnering with youth, parents, and the local community to provide services for all teenagers 12-18 years old. It is a place for youth to have a voice and give back creatively to their community.

It’s Our Mission

The mission of UAY is to assist youth and families in helping themselves to a healthy future. We do this by offering youth development, counseling, and prevention programs that make use of young people’s talents, creativity and energies.



United Action for Youth
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 892
Iowa City, Iowa 52244
Fax: 319-337-7999

Main Office and 24 Hour Crisis Line
1700 S First Ave Suite 14

Youth Center
355 Iowa Avenue