Youth Counseling

UAY ONCALL Counselors can be reached at 338-7518

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UAY therapists and counselors have expertise in concerns facing teens and parents.Family conflict: helping families discuss tough issues, including rules, responsibilities, transition to adulthood, divorce and custody.Depression or Anxiety: working with the prescribing physician, to increase positive coping skills, self-esteem, and social relationships.Trauma: UAY counselors are trained and funded by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office of Crime Victim Assistance to provide specialized help to those that have witnessed or been the victim of violent crime, including domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, homicide and child abuse.

Grief and Loss: helping youth to work through the loss of a family member or friend, including healthy techniques to express grief, communicate feelings and rebuild relationships.

Healthy Relationships: helping youth and families understand and discuss how young people get along with each other, building a supportive family and peer network to reduce risky behavior.
UAY Youth Counseling Counseling Brochure
Youth Counseling

UAY counselors balance listening with talking, they don’t lecture or blame. They adapt their style to increase a youth’s comfort.

UAY Counseling offers a variety of services for teenagers that can be selected individually, or combined to provide a blend that includes coping skills, social coaching, self-expression and self-esteem.

UAY counselors utilize art, roleplaying, sculpting and doing, to help a teen communicate difficult issues safely.

Confidentiality Policy


UAY staff can meet with teens individually, or the parents of teens individually or provide family therapy.

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